How to get your new Nostr account in Token Pocket

This guide assumes you are a current user of Token Pocket and have already set up your first wallet.

To use Nostr Assets Chat-to-Trade & Marketplace Demo, you need to have an Bitcoin wallet in your Token Pocket.

Follow the official Token Pocket guide to create your Bitcoin wallet [Link]

Go to the β€œMe” tab

And select β€œSettings”

Switch on β€œEnable Nostr”

You now have a new Nostr account bound to your Bitcoin wallet in the Token Pocket Wallet app.

Note that once bound, there is no way to unbind the Nostr account with the wallet.

If you create a new wallet in Token Pocket, a new Nostr account will be created.

If you already have a Nostr Account and want to import it into Token Pocket...

First, create a new ERC20 wallet by selecting the "wallet icon" on the top right.

Select "Bitcoin" and choose "Import Wallet".

Select Import by "Private Key".

Select "Nostr PK" Tab (Nostr Private Key)

Input your Nostr Private Key

By importing, the Bitcoin private key will be calculated from the Nostr private key and an Bitcoin wallet will be generated. Please exercise caution to keep both the Nostr and Bitcoin private keys safe when using them, as they are equally important!

Enter a strong password.

Complete the last step by selecting "Import Wallet"

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