Publicly Viewable Data

Transactions and transfers on NostrAssets are transparent and the data is viewable publicly on NostrAssets Explorer.

Token Events

Token Events data are primarily related to asset transfer and management of address books.
Event Type
Transfer from sending address to receiving address
Authorized operator transfer from sending address to receiving address
Switched to Pro Mode
Switched to Normal Mode
Deleted a Nostr address to Address Book
Added a Nostr address to Address Book
You can access Token Events via the Explorer Page.
To view the transfer history of a Nostr Address, paste the Nostr Public address into the search bar, and tap search.
You will be able to see the past transfers perform by the Nostr Address

Holding List

You can check the asset holdings of any Nostr Public address via the Holding List page.
Simply input the Nostr Public address to search and filter according to the type of asset.

Order History

You can view all the transactions that happened on Marketplace. Go to Order History on the Marketplace page.
You can search using Nostr Public Address or an Event ID to see the details of a specific transaction.