NAAPI - NostrAssets API Guide

Link to Github: https://github.com/nostrassets/naapi


NAAPI (NostrAsset API) is a powerful SDK library developed based on the NOSTRASSET protocol. It enables developers to interact with various functionalities such as querying transactions, balances, and token events effortlessly.


  • Query Transactions

  • Check Balance

  • Retrieve Token Lists

  • Get Allowance

  • Fetch Funding Records

  • Access Token Events

  • Retrieve Market-Related Information

  • Explore Fairmint Functionalities

  • Manage Locks

Support Method List


  • getBalance(owner)

    Retrieve the balance for a specified owner (npub address)

  • getTokenList()

    Get a list of tokens

  • getAllowance() Check the allowance. (asset quantity authorized to another npub address such as operator/marketplace etc)

  • getFundingRecords()

    Fetch funding records (Send / Receive history)

  • getTokenEvents()

    Access token events such as Asset Transfers, Approve, etc

  • getHolders()

    Retrieve the token holders list

  • getHolder()

    Retrieve token holder information

  • getHolderSummary()

    Retrieve summary of a token holder

  • getPayeeList()

    Get a list of approved withdrawal channels


  • getMarketTokenList()

    Retrieve tokens available in the market.

  • getMarketOrderListing()

    Get order listing(s) for a market.

  • getOrderHistory()

    Retrieve order history.

  • getMarketMyOrder()

    Retrieve orders for a user.


  • getHoroscopeList()

    Retrieve horoscope launch pool list.

  • getActivity()

    Get user activity.

  • getUserInfo()

    Retrieve user information.

  • getUserList()

    Get user list.

  • getRankingSummary()

    Retrieve ranking summary.

  • getSearchRanking()

    Get search ranking.

  • getBlockList()

    Retrieve block list.

  • getBlockUserList()

    Get block user list.


Reference: Lock Assets

  • getLockList(): Retrieve lock list.


To start using NAAPI SDK in your React project, follow these simple steps:


Using yarn, run the following command to install the NAAPI SDK:

yarn add naapi

Code Integration

import { useCallback } from 'react';
import NAAPI from 'naapi';

const naapi = new NAAPI('https://market-api.nostrassets.com'); // Replace with appropriate URL

const onQueryBalance = useCallback(async () => {
    const res = await naapi.assets.getBalance(owner);
}, []);

return (
        {/* Your code here */}


With the NAAPI SDK, developers can seamlessly integrate various functionalities of the NOSTR ASSET protocol into their applications. Start building innovative solutions today!

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