🎁Lightning Gift

A simple & fun way to send Taproot Assets as Gifts to friends, fans or communities

What is Lightning Gift? How to create Lightning Gift? How to share Lightning Gift? How to claim Lightning Gift?

What is Lightning Gift?

Lightning Gift is a tool introduced by NostrAssets, designed to facilitate the sharing of Taproot assets in a relaxed and enjoyable manner with your friends, fans, or community members.

This unique approach aims to broaden the accessibility of Taproot assets and enhance the experience within the Lightning Network.

You can access Lightning Gift via the Main Menu > Tools > Lightning Gift

How to create a Lightning Gift?

To create a Lightning Gift, tap on "Create Gift"

This is the Create Gift Interface. You can customize your Lightning Gift to make it personal. and there are several ways to do so.

Customizing Your Lightning Gift

You can personalized the following: i) Title of the Gift ii) Well-Wishing Words iii) Logo of the Gift

No. of Gifts

This determines how many times your Gift can be claimed. This also means the number of people who can claim your Gift.

It is important to remember that anyone with the Lightning Gift Code or the URL link will be able to claim your Gift.

Total Assets

Total Assets is the total amount of assets you are allocating for this Lightning Gift.

If you set it as 100 TRICK, it means the total prize pool is 100 TRICK.

No. of Assets per Gift

There are modes. "Random" and "Average". i) Random: The asset amount for everyone who claimed is random. ii) Average: The asset amount for everyone who claimed is the same.

Lightning Gifts will expire 24 hours after creation. Gifts that have not been claimed upon expiration can apply for a refund.

Note: There is a service fee for the creation of Lightning Gift.

Once you are done with the setup, proceed to "Approve", and confirm the approval.

Once approved, the button will change to "Create". Proceed to tap on "Create" and confirm to complete the creation.

How to share a Lightning Gift?

Upon successful creation of a Lightning Gift, Tap on "Send Gifts"

You can share it to Twitter, or Telegram or copy the Gift code / URL to share directly to anywhere you want.

You can also find all the information about the Lightning Gifts you've created on the Lightning Gift Dashboard, under "Gift Create History".

Tap on the "Status" to view the details, you will be able to see the respective Lightning Gift Code and URL, as well as the claim history of your Lightning Gift. Or, you can tap on the "Share" button to share to Twitter / Telegram.

How to claim a Lightning Gift?

You can claim a Lightning Gift if you have the Gift Code or the Gift URL.

You will need a Nostr Address connected to NostrAssets, to claim the Lightning Gift.

To learn how to create a Nostr Address for NostrAssets, you may use the following Wallet that supports NostrAssets. - OKX - Token Pocket - OneKey - Alby Refer to the individual guides for the setup.

If you have a Gift Code, tap on "Claim Gift" on the Lightning Gift Dashboard.

If you have a Gift URL, it will bring you directly to the claim page.

To prevent Bots, we've implemented captcha verification.

Tap on "Claim Lightning Gift"

And, congratulations! You've successfully claimed your Lightning Gift.

Try out Lightning Gift and share the joy and innovation of Taproot Assets with your friends & communities!

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