Desktop Users

This guide is for desktop users to use NostrAssets Mainnet

To connect to NostrAssets, you may use any of the following Extensions that support Nostr: - OKX Wallet - Alby - TokenPocket - OneKey


How to get a Nostr Address?

In this example, we will primarily use Alby. First, create an account on

Sign up with your email, and get the verification code to complete the signup.

Install the Alby Chrome Extension.

Add your account to Alby Chrome Extension.

Once added, go to account settings

Under Key Management, generate a Master Key.

Be sure to backup your Recovery Phrase

Please keep your Recovery Phrase safe!

A Nostr Public Key will be generated for you immediately.

Nostr Public keys are also often referred to as Npub.

You now have a Nostr Address. Congrats!

Advanced Tips

If you want to import your existing Nostr account to your Alby Wallet.

Go to Key Management > Nostr Settings > Select Remove Current Keys

Once removed, then paste your Nostr Private Key to import your existing Nostr address to Alby.

Connecting to NostrAssets

With your Alby Chrome Extension installed, go to, and tap on Connect Nostr.

You will be connected almost immediately.

How to Receive Assets to Your Nostr Address?

You can deposit SATS to your Nostr Address via Lightning Invoice. Refer to this guide.

How to Send Assets Out From Your Nostr Address?

You can withdraw SATS from your Nostr Address via Lightning Invoice. Refer to this guide.

How to Transfer Assets to Another Nostr Address?

You can transfer assets from your Nostr Address to another Nostr Address. Refer to this guide.

How to Buy or Sell on Marketplace?

To see all available listings on the Marketplace, go to the Marketplace.

You can see available Buy Listings by other users who are looking to buy Assets on the Buy Tab.

And those who are looking to sell their Assets on the Sell Tab

Use the drop-down to select/toggle between Assets.

To buy or sell to an existing Listing, make sure you have sufficient assets in your Nostr Address. In this example, let's try to sell TREAT to a listing on the marketplace.

Tap on Sell to proceed with the transaction.

For security reasons, it is likely that in your first transaction, you will need to tap twice. First, tap for APPROVE the transaction. Second, tap for confirming to SELL.

How to Make New Listings on the Marketplace?

How to Check Your Orders?

You can see all your past orders (Buy/Sell) via the My Order page.

Go to Marketplace > My Order

How to Cancel a Listing?

Go to Marketplace > My Order Tap on the Cancel on the action column.

You should see a notification saying "Submit successfully".

The status of the order will change to "Cancel Pending".

And shortly (if need to, refresh your browser), the status should update to "Cancelled".

How to View Transaction History on NostrAssets?

You can see ALL the transaction history on NostrAssets Marketplace via the Order History

Tap on the Detail to see more info

The core of NostrAssets is championing decentralization and transparency. As we take each step towards the goal, users now publicly view all transaction events that happened on NostrAssets.

From Transfers, Listing, Buy, or Sell, you can view them on our Explorer.

Go to the Explorer page. It is categorized by Token Events and Market Events.

Token Events displays events related to Transfers, Approve, and Address Book. (Withdraw & Deposit info will be added in the near future)

Market Events displays Place Order (buy/sell listings), Take Order (buy/sell), Cancel Order.

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