MicroNode User Guide (Early Access)

User guide for MicroNode Early Access Participants.

Only Whitelisted Nostr Addresses will be able to access.

Create your Lightning Node in 3 simple steps

Node Management Made Easy

Important note: Please factor in the need for gas fees for the following operations: i) On-chain Deposit ii) On-chain Withdraw iii) Create Channel iv) Close Channel This implies that you need to deposit additional funds to cover the intended amount, taking into account gas fees.



Access MicroNode on the main menu.

Tap on [Create My Node] to create your first MicroNode

Enter a name for your MicroNode. Enter an email for notification (optional).

You will need to pay the Node Creation Fee. (Only in SATS, $TRICK or $TREAT)

Tap on [Approve] to make payment and then [Create Node] to complete the steps.


Set a password for your MicroNode.

Confirm your password and you will be provided with your Seed Phrase. Note them down and keep both your password and seed phrase safe.

NEVER SHARE your password or seed phrase with anyone. Your assets may be compromised if someone knows your password or seed phrase.


Once, you have set your password, your MicroNode will be activated and is ready for Unlocking.

Unlocking may take some time to synchronize.

Tap on the refresh button to check the status of your MicroNode.

Once synchronization is completed, the status will change to [Pending Unlock].

Tap on [Unlock], and enter your password to unlock your MicroNode.

Your MicroNode is LIVE when the status has changed to [Running].



To deposit Bitcoin to your MicroNode Wallet, tap on [On-chain Deposit]

Use a Bitcoin-supported wallet or platform to fund your MicroNode Wallet. Your funds will be self-custodied in your MicroNode, and only you will have access to the private key.

While there's no set minimum deposit, we recommend depositing at least 0.03 BTC to account for any network fees.

Copy the BTC Deposit Address and paste it in the Wallet you are sending the funds from.

To withdraw, use [On-chain Withdraw].

Withdraw to BTC Address: Copy and paste your designated receiving BTC wallet address.

Withdraw Amount: Input the withdrawal amount. Fee: As this is an on-chain operation, select the amount of sat/vB (satoshi per byte) you are willing to pay, or use custom.

After you have input the required fields, select [Withdraw] and complete the transaction.


To create a channel, tap on [Create Channel]

Specify the amount you would like to use to provide liquidity to the channel. You may toggle between BTC or SATS.

Minimum Channel Size: 0.02 BTC

Tap on [Create Channel], to start creating.

Creating a Channel is an on-chain operation and requires syncing. Syncing time depends on the internet connection and the Bitcoin network conditions.


You may deposit assets from your MicroNode to NostrAssets to perform transactions or trading on LN Exchange. You may also withdraw your assets back to your MicroNode from NostrAssets.

To deposit to NostrAssets, tap on [Deposit to NA].

Enter the deposit amount and tap on [Create Invoice to deposit].

Once the invoice has been created, tap on [Deposit] to complete the operation.

To withdraw from NostrAssets, tap on [Withdraw from NA]

Enter the withdraw amount and tap on [Create invoice to withdraw]

Tap on the [Withdraw] to complete the operation.

You may need to wait a few moments and tap the refresh button for the channel capacity to be updated.


If you no longer require a channel, you can tap on [Close Channel]

Upon closing a channel, the channel's assets (net of network fees) will be refunded to your MicroNode wallet by default. Alternatively, you can specify a receiving address.

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