Key Features

Here are the key features of Nostr Assets Protocol

Introduces Taproot Assets, Satoshi, and more into Nostr Ecosystem
Nostr Assets Protocol introduces Taproot assets and Satoshi into the Nostr ecosystem as Nostr assets.
Support for other tokens can be added in the future, such as USDT and more.
Users can transfer, receive and query Nostr assets using chat commands directly through any Nostr Protocol frontend clients (decentralized apps) such as Damus, Amethyst, or Iris.
Zero-gas transactions
Besides deposit and withdrawal functions, all transactions on Nostr Assets Protocol are Zero-Gas transaction fees, say goodbye to paying Satoshis for the network fees.
As Nostr Protocol is an off-chain decentralized protocol, all transactions can be encrypted and gas-less to operate.
All details of trades are stored on Nostr Protocol’s relays and Nostr Assets utilizes the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol for fast and efficient data storage and retrieval on a decentralized network of nodes.
Transaction data can be retrieved and checked thoroughly on every detail of the transaction for full transparency.
Starting from 5,000 + TPS on Nostr Protocol, and 7 TPS on the Bitcoin network.
Anyone can run their own Nostr Assets Node
Nostr Assets Protocol enables users to set up and run their own Nostr Assets Node for the self-custodial of their assets.
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