✨Importing Assets

Users can import assets into the NostrAssets Asset List from NostrAssets Universe or other Taproot Assets Universes.

A Taproot Assets universe is a repository of assets and their proofs. A universe may serve information about a single or multiple asset types (e.g. a specific stablecoin or all stablecoins).

Nostr Assets has integrated support for Taproot Assets. Nostr users will be able to transfer or trade Taproot Assets when Taproot Assets goes LIVE on Bitcoin Mainnet.

How to Import Assets?

To receive an import asset, go to the Assets Dashboard.

Select "Import Assets"

Search for the asset by its name or Asset ID. Select the "Import Asset" button to proceed.

Select confirm and authorize the action.

If the asset you are looking for isn't found with Asset Name or Asset ID, use "Sync and Import"

Although we've developed a comprehensive range of features for Taproot Assets, our approach is to introduce them progressively to the public. This strategy guarantees that all features undergo rigorous testing before we introduce any new ones. *Sync and Import will be available in upcoming updates.

Enter the corresponding info for Universe_host and Asset ID, then select "Import" to continue.

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