Phase 1 Rules

Phase 1: Participation

In the Launch Pools, a default configuration of 12 pools or a number specified by the Issuer will be assigned 16 hexadecimal characters, comprising 0–9 and a-f. Among the 12 Launch Pools, four will have TWO hexadecimal characters each, while the remaining eight will each have ONE.

  • 10 launch pools can be participated with $TREAT and/or $TRICK. - 7 launch pools with a single hexadecimal character - 3 launch pools with two hexadecimal characters

  • 2 launch pools can be participated exclusively with the token from the preceding Fair Mint. - 1 launch pool with a single hexadecimal character - 1 launch pool with two hexadecimal characters

During Phase 1: Participation, participants have the flexibility to engage in their chosen Launch Pool by applying with their desired amount of eligible assets.

To take part in Phase 1, you need to have a minimum of 100 $TREAT and/or $TRICK or the preceding Fair Mint assets.

Single Launch Pool Participation

Each Nostr address is limited to joining a single launch pool during the event.

Rankings within the pool will be determined by the cumulative sum of the assets committed by each participant. To enhance their standing and odds of winning, participants can monitor their rank within the pool and increase their commitment accordingly.

Importantly, withdrawals from the launch pool will not be permitted during this initial phase, ensuring a stable and fair participation process.

At the end of Phase 1: Participation, assets committed will be returned, and the remaining 50% will be refunded at the end of Phase 2: Lottery Draw.

Phase 1 Duration

There is limited time to participate in Phase 1. This duration will be specified and announced by the Issuer Project.

Despite our extensive preparations for a seamless experience, we anticipate a significant surge in network traffic in the last 30 minutes before the deadline.

Important: Users will not be able to participate or increase the amount of their locked assets once Phase 1 has ended.

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