Transfer Nostr Assets

Fast, secured and gasless way to transfer assets to another Nostr address.
Nostr Assets Protocol returns the freedom to users, enabling them a censorship-resistant way to transfer assets to other Nostr addresses.
High TPS:
Fast, secure & gasless. No more waiting on Blockchain network.
Powered by Nostr Protocol decentralized structure.
User-friendly: No need to generate Lightning invoices ever again.
Full Transparency:
All transaction data are viewable publicly on NostrAssets Explorer.

How to Transfer Nostr Assets?

To transfer an asset to another Nostr address, go to Assets Dashboard.
Then select "Nostr Assets Transfer"
This dashboard displays the NostrAssets Asset List and the amount of assets you have in your Nostr account.
Choose the type of Asset to transfer.
Input the correct recipient Nostr public address.
Remember Nostr public addresses start with npub.
Inputting the wrong address may result in a loss of assets.
Input the number of assets to transfer.
There are minimum quantities for each type of asset transfer.
Confirm and authorize the action to proceed with the transfer.