Lock Assets

Feature not released. Coming Soon.
With this function, Asset Owners can initiate locking of their assets for any duration and reason, which can be verifiable publicly.

How to Lock Assets?

To access Lock Assets, go to Tools > Lock Assets.
To start a Lock, tap on Start Lock Assets.
Key in the details, Unlock Date, and the Asset(s) to lock
If you want to have another Nostr address to claim the assets after the Lock Duration, input the address in this section.
⚠️Please note that there will be a Service Fee charged. The amount will be specified above the Approve button.
Once you have input all the details and the quantity of assets to lock, proceed by tapping on the Approve button.
You will be prompted to approve the operation with your wallet. Tap on Approve.
Upon "Approve Success", the button will change to "Lock Assets". Tap on it and confirm the operation to start the Locking.
You will receive a prompt notification on the Successfully Locking.
You will also be able to find your newly created Lock Assets displayed with the status: Locked.

How to claim Unlocked Assets?

Once Locked Assets has reached the specified duration, the status will change from Locked to Unlock.
The Lock Assets Creator or the specified Nostr Address can claim the assets by tapping on the "Unlock" button.
If the Lock Assets Creator has specified a Nostr Address, the creator will not be able to claim the assets at the end of the duration. Only the specified Nostr Address will be able to do so.