MicroNode Connect (MNC)

MicroNode capabilities are made feasible through MicroNode Connect (MNC), which builds upon the foundation laid by Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC).

NWC facilitates secure access to remote lnd instances, exchanges payment requests, and handles lightning invoices over the Nostr protocol. Notable functionalities enabled by NWC include:

  • Connection to wallet services (e.g., Alby) via nostrWalletConnectUrl, allowing users to seamlessly log in to Nostr apps via NIP-07.

  • Native BTC payments within Nostr apps (e.g., Zaps).

  • Setup of recurring BTC payments

MicroNode Connect (MNC): Extending the capabilities of NWC, MNC empowers Nostr clients/apps to interact not only with lnd but also with tapd. This expansion unlocks a host of new functionalities, including:

  • Enhanced management of node and channel liquidity through MicroNode.

  • Native Taproot Assets payments within Nostr apps (e.g., USD-stablecoin Zaps).

  • Setup of recurring payments in Taproot Assets (e.g., USD-stablecoin).

Moreover, MicroNode Connect is designed with high extensibility, potentially incorporating connections with NostrAssets to enhance composability between NostrAssets and other applications.

In essence, MicroNode, coupled with MicroNode Connect, serves as a versatile gateway, bridging the gap between traditional financial systems and the decentralized world, while offering a plethora of possibilities for innovation and growth.

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