Phase 2 Rules

Phase 2: Lottery Draw

Phase 2 commences at the Bitcoin’s block number specified by the Issuer Project.

During the lottery stage, the winning Launch Pool is determined by the hexadecimal character matching the last one in the block hash of a Bitcoin block.

For instance, using the example in our image, if the last character in the block hash is a β€˜6’, Launch Pool #7 with β€˜6’ assigned is declared the winning pool.

Winner Selection Process

Number of Winners:

50 (default) winners or a number specified by the Issuer will be drawn from the winning pool.

Selection Criteria:

Winners are chosen based on the highest quantity of locked assets per Block Hash. In other words, the first top 50 will be selected for the first win of the pool.

Cycle Repetition:

The cycle repeats for subsequent blocks until the maximum number of winners is met. If any Launch Pool secures another win in a subsequent draw, the next set of 50 top-ranked participants from the winning pool will be selected as winners.

Halving of Rewards:

The rewards undergo halving twice, occurring at every interval of 100 blocks.

Rewards Allocation Ratio

The total number of winners and total rewards are specified by the Issuer Project. The reward allocation ratio is based on 4/2/1

TierBlockWinners per BlockRewards Allocation Ratio













Should there be a total reward amount of 7,000 to be split across the three tiers, Tier 1, 2 and 3 will be entitled to 4,000, 2,000, and 1,000 assets respectively.

Duration of Phase 2:

Phase 2 may take place over 1–3 days depending on the maximum number of winners and the number of winners selected per block.

Phase 2 concludes when the maximum number of winners for the event has been reached.

One-Time Winning

To promote fairness and broaden the distribution of rewards, each Nostr address is eligible to win only once throughout the event duration.

Winner Limit per Block Hash

A maximum of 50 winners, or a number specified by the issuer, will be selected for each Block Hash during the Phase 2 Lottery Draw.

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