Nostr Assets (NOA)

Receive & Send Assets

Nostr Assets Protocol enables users to receive and/or send assets (Satoshis or Taproot Assets) from Lightning Wallet to their Nostr account.
Currently, users can receive SATs directly from any Lightning Wallet into their Nostr account.
Once SATs are received in the users' Nostr account, users can transfer any amount of SATs with other Nostr accounts without needing to generate another invoice.
Although we've developed a comprehensive range of features for Taproot Assets, our approach is to introduce them progressively to the public. This strategy guarantees that all features undergo rigorous testing before we introduce any new ones.
30 Oct 2023 Update: ✅Receiving SATS from wallet to Nostr address 💡Progressive release in upcoming updates: - Sending SATS from Nostr address to wallet - Receiving/Sending Taproot Assets from Nostr address to wallet - Syncing and Importing Taproot Assets from other Universes

How to Receive Assets?

To receive Assets from a Lightning Wallet to your Nostr account, go to Assets Dashboard.
This dashboard displays the NostrAssets Asset List and the amount of assets you have in your Nostr account.
And then select "Receive Assets".
In this example, we will be receiving SATs via a Lightning Wallet
Select Network "Lightning", and input the number of SATs to receive into your Nostr account.
Confirm and authorize the action to proceed.
A QR code will be generated. i) You use "Directly Pay Invoice" to send SATs from your connected Lightning Wallet. ii) or You can share to QR code to use another Lightning wallet to pay.
Once payment has been made, you should see the amount reflected in your Nostr Assets Dashboard shortly.
You can also receive Bitcoin/Satoshis from any centralized exchange or Lightning wallet that supports payment in Lightning Invoices.
  • Generate an invoice with a specified amount via "Receive Assets"
  • Copy the invoice ID
  • Go to your centralized exchange / Lightning and paste the invoice ID
  • Complete the payment to transfer Bitcoin/Satoshis to your Nostr Address.

How to Send Assets?

To send Assets from your Nostr account to any Lightning Wallet, go to Assets Dashboard.
Select "Send Assets"
This dashboard displays the NostrAssets Asset List and the amount of assets you have in your Nostr account.
To send SATs out from a Nostr account to a Lightning Wallet, an invoice is still required. Input the invoice to proceed with sending the specified number of SATs.
Once the invoice has been input, select "Send" to proceed.
Confirm and authorize the action.
Upon completion, refresh your Dashboard to update the display of the amount of SATs.