Mobile Chat-to-Trade

This mobile user guide for using NostrAssets via Chat-to-Trade


What is Mobile Chat-To-Trade?

Chat-to-trade provides a streamlined method for users to effortlessly execute trade orders using natural language commands, eliminating the need for intricate user interfaces. It works on most Nostr Front-end Social clients.
Nostr Protocol is currently in its early stages, it's important to note that while Nostr clients are interoperable, they may not adhere to a standardized UI and UX experience yet.
For Mobile users, there are several apps available.
Nostr Clients
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iOS & Android
In this guide, we will use Plebstr as the main example.

How to import Nostr Private Key to Mobile?

From Alby Extension, Go to account settings
Then, select Nostr Settings
Copy your Nostr private key from Alby
Be careful and keep your Nostr Private Key safe. Do not share your Private Keys. Your funds in your Nostr Address can be compromised if you share/lose your Nostr Private Key.
Head over to Plebstr mobile app, select Login
Paste your private key to log in.
Done! You now have a profile on Nostr! You can use it like Twitter too.

First, Follow these 2 accounts

Then, copy the following Nostr Address below to follow them.
Nostr Account
Nostr Address
Nostr Assets
Token Events
Market Events

Add NostrAssets Relay

To add Relay, go to Settings
Then, select Relays > Add Relay
Enter the following Relay URL and tap on Add.

How to use Mobile Chat-to-Trade commands to Transfer or Check Balance?

Go to Nostr Assets Token Event Manager (npub1dy7n73dcrs0n24ec87u4tuagevkpjnzyl7aput69vmn8saemgnuq0a4n6y)
and tap on the Direct Message button.
In the Direct Message Chat, you can use natural language to enter commands.
For example, if you want to transfer 100 sats to another Nostr address, you can use the transfer commands like this:
transfer (quantity) (asset) to (Nostr address)
transfer 100 sats to npubxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To check your balance, simply type the following commands:
With Nostr Assets Token Event Manager, you can also perform the following commands: - check the balance of other nostr addresses - add address and name of the contact - approve operator to manage a portion of your assets
For a full list of commands with Nostr Assets Token Event Manager, refer here: i) Nostr Assets Commands

How to use Marketplace via Mobile Chat-to-Trade?

Important: Before you can use Marketplace via Chat-to-Trade, you need to approve and authorize it with a portion of your assets.
To approve Marketplace, first, you need to enter the command with Nostr Assets Token Event Manager. Go to Nostr Assets Token Event Manager Direct Message.
For example, if you want to approve Marketplace with 100 $TRICK, use this command:
Approve 100 TRICK to npub1dy7n73dcrs0n24ec87u4tuagevkpjnzyl7aput69vmn8saemgnuq0a4n6y
This means that now the Marketplace can act on your behalf to create sell listing(s) for a maximum of 100 TRICK from your account.
To create a sell listing for TRICK, you need to go to the Marketplace Nostr Account. Tap on the Direct Message button.
Example of the command to create a sell listing
Sell 100 TRICK at price 1000000 SATS
With NostrAssets Market, you can perform the following commands to: - show all your buy/sell orders - show all your history orders - take order - cancel order
The full list of Marketplace Commands can be found here i) Marketplace Commands