The First Native Nostr Assets Protocol

Nostr Assets Protocol is an open-source protocol that introduces Taproot assets and Satoshis (units of Bitcoin) into the Nostr ecosystem.

Once the assets are introduced, users can send and receive them at the Nostr Protocol layer using Nostr’s public and private keys.

The settlement and security of assets still rely on the Lightning Network, and the Nostr Assets Protocol itself does not issue assets but only introduces assets into Nostr through the protocol.

Basic Principles of Nostr Assets Protocol


  • Supports any Nostr client.

  • No new NIP (Nostr Improvement Proposal) is required.

  • Uses the most common NIPs: NIP1, NIP4 and NIP12.


  • Enables natural language pattern interaction (Chat-To-Trade) without the need for any complex interface.


  • Ensures asset security and high TPS (Transactions Per Second) through the Lightning Network.

Taproot Assets (formerly Taro) is a novel protocol that enables the issuance of assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. These assets can be transferred seamlessly over the Lightning Network, facilitating instant, high-volume, and low-fee transactions.

With Taproot Assets, users can create and distribute their own tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, unlocking new possibilities for tokenized assets and decentralized applications. The integration of Taproot Assets with Lightning Network enables efficient and scalable asset transfers.

Lightning Network’s off-chain nature allows near-instantaneous transactions while significantly reducing transaction fees, making it an ideal solution for high-volume asset transfers.

Why Nostr Assets Protocol?

What Value Do Nostr Assets Protocol Brings? In summary, Nostr Assets will value add to user adoption, user entry barriers, liquidity, decentralized infrastructure, and commercialization challenges within both the Lightning Network and the Nostr ecosystem, promoting their growth, utility, and overall success.

1. Expanding the Use Cases of Lightning Network Assets

Lightning Network has gained widespread recognition and experienced rapid development growth. However, its overall scale remains relatively limited. The key challenges lie in the high user entry barriers and the lack of decentralized business infrastructure.

The Nostr protocol is an excellent decentralized business protocol that can provide numerous applications scenarios for Lightning Network, such as social networking, payments, and DeFi, significantly expanding the adoption of the Lightning Network. This expansion in utility and applications significantly increases the adoption and usage of the Lightning Network.

Among the application scenarios within Nostr, one notable feature is the introduction of Zaps. Zaps are exclusive events within Nostr that enable users to send and receive Satoshis (units of Bitcoin) over the Lightning Network.

Remarkably, Zaps reached a significant milestone of over 1 million transactions on June 16, 2023, just four months after its release. This achievement highlights the potential for more use cases of Lightning Network on Nostr Protocol.

2. Lowering User Entry Barriers

The Nostr Assets Protocol simplifies the user experience by allowing users to send and receive Lightning Network assets using Nostr’s public and private keys.

This reduces the technical complexities and entry barriers associated with participating in the Lightning Network, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

3. Enhancing Liquidity and Asset Management

Nostr Assets Protocol introduces a variety of assets into the Nostr Ecosystem, improving liquidity and asset management capabilities.

This creates opportunities for users to trade, utilize, and invest in different assets within a decentralized environment.

4. Fostering Decentralized Business Infrastructure

Nostr Assets facilitates the development of a decentralized business infrastructure within the Nostr ecosystem.

This enables the creation of innovation applications, leveraging the Lightning Network’s capabilities, and promoting the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), social networking, and other decentralized services.

5. Accelerating Commercialization and Venture Capital Support

The lack of native assets or currency in the Nostr ecosystem has hindered effective commercialization and limited venture capital investment.

Nostr Assets Protocol addresses this challenge by introducing Lightning Network assets to the Nostr ecosystem, attracting venture capital support, and providing effective user incentives, thus fostering user adoption and the commercial growth of the Nostr ecosystem.

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